Flow: NLP

This page explains the NLP node, it's capabilities and a guide on how to use it.

With advancement in the field of Natural Language Processing, coupled with enhanced computing power, now NLP can be used to improve customer experience significantly. Instead of you providing a list of buttons to choose from, with NLP you can allow your customer to demand whatever they want, in a more natural way, and you can understand their requirements and take necessary actions accordingly. NLP reduces the friction of customer onboarding significantly thus making your service much more user friendly. Also with machine taking the load of interactions with customers, now you can provide a 24x7 service to your customers round the year


NLP node

The NLP node provides you with a bunch of intelligence modules that you can apply on the input text. You just need to select any of the provided modules and provide the path of input text.

Modules provided in the NLP node are:

  1. Date -Time Detection
  2. Numbers Detection
  3. Units Recognition
  4. Question Detection
  5. Contextual Spell Check
  6. Word Tokenization
  7. Sentence Tokenization
  8. Parts of Speech
  9. Lemmatization

Configure NLP node

  1. Select the intelligence module that you want to apply on the input text. Let's say you have selected units recognition
  1. Now either enter the message body, if it's a static message, or type the path of message as shown in the image, in the input field.
  2. Click on OK, to save the configuration.