Manage a Flow

In a service, flow management is performed on the services setting page. A service has one or more flows associated with it, these flows are configured by rules defined, there can be multiple rules defined, to trigger a flow.

  1. Open a service.
  2. On the services page; under Setting, click Flows.
    All the flows under the selected service are displayed. The activities performed on this page:
ADD NEW FLOWSClick to create a new flow.
List FlowsSorting the flows based on the 'Flow type' choice; available flow types are ' Voice-text' ' 'Flow'.
Sort FlowsSorting the flows based on the choice made. The choices are ' Newest First' or 'Last Modified'
Attach a ruleClick to configure a rule to invoke the flow.
ManageAllows you to perform various activities on the corresponding flow.

Manage - Working with a Flow
Click Manage button corresponding to a flow to view a list of activities you can perform with a flow.

EditOpen the flow canvas in full view. Provides you with the option to edit, debug, work with flow versions.
ReportSummary of flow activity in visual and numerical values.
ExportAllows you to export the Flow.
DeleteDelete the flow and removes it from the flow list.