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IMIconnect enables rapid automation of multi-channel customer journeys. The platform makes it easy for a business enterprise to interact with their customers around the world on multiple channels like SMS, voice, push, in-app, Facebook & other messaging apps, and automates orchestration of these interactions with backend systems. A drag-&-drop flow builder allows you to build and launch flows that work across channels and systems. With its low-code toolset and high-performance runtime engine, IMIconnect enables developers, product managers and architects to accelerate their digital transformation projects.

IMIconnect enables you to rapidly create simple, powerful ways to interact and reach out to your customers.

For example:

  • Interact with customers on new digital channels without re-engineering existing systems
  • Use two-factor authentication to verify customer identity
  • Send messages through OTT channels (Facebook Messenger, Twitter and WeChat)
  • Integrate SMS confirmations into a purchase flow
  • Receive incoming SMS messages to update a business process
  • Provide customer support via social media or chat messenger
  • Send instantaneous push notifications to a mobile app with delivery updates
  • Alert customers of fraudulent account activity

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