Docs Update

Please note that contains imiconnect API and product documentation for imiconnect v4.3 and is not applicable for clients who are on the latest versions of imiconnect.

Product Update - November 2018

As part of our continued commitment to delivering a truly omni-channel platform, we've introduced support for Apple Business Chat in the latest version of IMIconnect launched during November 2018. Apple Business Chat offers a powerful, engaging new way for businesses to connect with their customers using the Messages app on iOS devices.

Product Update - May 2018

In the latest version of the product, we have focused on making it easier for you to debug flows while simultaneously improving the way we handle personally identifiable data in the debug logs. We have merged the functionality of the erstwhile 'wait for event' node with the 'receive' node and also introduced a new 'Branch' node that helps you implement branching logic within flows without the need to write custom code. Finally, we have introduced some exciting updates in our SDKs to support threads within in-app messaging and enhance the way geofencing works.

Product Update - April 2018

Release 25 of IMIconnect was deployed into production (AWS Ireland) on Sunday, 8th April. The key themes for this version include: