Create a Flow

A flow is a communication service built using nodes by defining business logic to address a business requirement. Flows are built as part of a service and can be triggered using a rule. Refer Invoking Flows.

Creating a Flow

  1. From service Settings, click Flows.
  2. Click ADD NEW FLOW. The 'create a flow' screen appears.
  3. To create a new flow, enter a Name for the flow and select the Flow type Flow or VoiceFlow.
  4. To create a Voice flow select Voice option and then select the folder from select media folder drop-down. The media files should be uploaded before you create a voice flow.
  5. To copy an existing flow, select the flow from the Copy an existing flow drop-down.
  6. Click NEXT.
  7. The flow builder screen appears with a Start node.
  8. Drag-and-drop or double-click the nodes on the flow canvas as per the business logic.
  9. Drag the exit point of the source node towards the left side of the target node. Some nodes may have two or more exit events. At least one should be connected to continue the flow.
  10. Release the mouse to connect the node.
  11. Set the default session data that would form the input to the flow.
  12. Enter the Session Key if the flow type is flow.
  13. Click SAVE. All the errors and warnings are displayed in the Errors & Warnings pane at the right side of the flow canvas.


When msisdn is configured as a session key, the flow will create a new session per msisdn account.