Custom Node

Custom Node Integrations allows you to build and design nodes using third party API's.

You can use REST or SOAP API to build a node, Each API integration is available as a node in the flow palette. With all the APIs integrated into a node, you can use it to submit requests and capture responses and configure them to application requirements.

There are a few requirements to build a custom node; you should have all the HTTPS URL ready for REST integration and WSDL file for SOAP integration

There are two types of API Integration

Creating a Custom Node

To create a Node:

  1. On the services dashboard, click Integrations
  2. On the New Customer node pop-up, select the type of node you wish to create and then click Next.
  3. Define the NODE PROFILE
  • Enter a Name for the node
  • Choose a Node Category from the drop-down menu.
  • Enter the Description of the node you are creating.
  • Upload a representational image for the Node(Optional.)
  • Choose Create Blank Integration from the drop-down menu.
  • Click OK to proceed.
Select ImageClick to upload a relevant image for the node.
Node NameProvide a name to the node that you are creating
Node CategorySelect a Node category from the drop-down menu, or define your own category.

Note category is the grouping of nodes of similar type.
Node DescriptionA brief description of the node that you are creating.
Create Blank Integration/ Copy from existing integrationYou can either choose to create a fresh new integration or copy from an existing integration and later modify to meet your requirement.


Once you have successfully created a Custom Node, the node appears in the node palette under the Node Category you have created/selected while creating the Node.

All the Node Categories are listed under the Categories section of the flow builder page.