Voice: Disconnect

The disconnect node allows you to record the logs and report when a call is terminated in a voice flow.


The options of disconnect node are:

Node OptionsDescription
DISCONNECT SETTINGSCollect input options helps you configure the keys to collect information, store, and terminate character.
PLAY OPTIONSPlay options helps you configure a voice file to the node.


The disconnect settings screen allows you to record the logs and reports when the call gets disconnect in a voice flow.


The options of disconnect settings screen are:

  • Disconnect Code: Select the disconnect code and sub code from the respective drop-downs.
  • Disconnect Reason: Enter the reason that must be logged when the call gets disconnected with the configured disconnected code.


The play options screen allows you to configure a voice file to the node.


To configure the play options, follow these steps:

  1. Select Type from the drop-down.
  2. Click Settings icon. A popup screen is displayed with additional configuration options.
*   **Session Variables**: If you select **static variable**, the text box is enabled to enter the value.
*   **Offset (Secs)**: Enter the offset time in seconds after which the voice will start playing.
*   **Duration**: Enter the value in seconds. The voice file will be played for the specified duration.
*   **User Assets**: Select this option to select the language and voice file. 
*   **+**: Click **+** option to configure additional options.
  1. Click x to close the screen.
  2. Click + icon to add additional options.

Properties / Params configuration


LabelThe name of the node represented as a string.
A node can be renamed by changing the contents of the Label field.


Session DataThe Session Data shortcut leads to the Session Data / Custom Logs configuration.

Session Data can set one or more Session Params upon entering or leaving the node.

Custom Logs can record one or more Session Params upon entering or leaving the node. This is useful for debugging purposes.