Cordova Release Notes

Version 2.1.4 (SDK Lite)

New Features * Updated IMIconnectCoreSDK library versions (Android - v2.11.2) (iOS - v2.11.2) * Migrating to AndroidX.


Migration to Android X

This plugin version requires migration of Android Apps to AndroidX.

Version 2.1.3 (SDK Lite and Full)

New Features * Support for iOS 13 push notifications device token issue * Added last_opened monitor events.

Version 2.1.2 (SDK Lite only)

New Features * Added support from iOS9

Enhancements and Fixes * Removed monitoring events * Internal improvements and enhancements.

Version 2.1.1

Release Date: 03 - JUL- 2019

Enhancements and Fixes 1. Fixed an issue in publishEvent Method in the plugin 2. Internal improvements and enhancements

Cordova Plugin 2.1.0

Release Date: 20th May 2019

* New Features: 1. Plugin level domain configuration to override zero-rating domain 2. [In App custom events]( 3. [Delete message]( 4. [Register as Guest]( 5. [Publish typing indicator](



Delete message : The method named "deleteMessage" does not have back-end support and will throw an exception if used. Back-end support will be available mid-June onwards and an update regarding the same will be available on this page.

  • Updated IMIconnectCoreSDK library versions (Android - v2.11.0) (iOS - v2.11.0)

  • Internal improvements and enhancements

Version 2.0.0

New Features * Added support for In App Messaging, including Message Store persistence layer and history synchronisation * Added support for Message attachments, including upload and download * Added support for Topic based messaging * Added support for Security Tokens (JWT) * Added support for One Time Password (OTP) User authentication * Enhancements to ensure compliance with GDPR * Introduced Logging system control * Updated IMIconnect Core SDK library versions (Android 2.10.1) (iOS 2.10.0).

Enhancements and Fixes * Various internal enhancements and bug fixes.