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Flow: CallWorkflow

This node is used to call an existing workflow within a flow. The full context of the current flow along with the session data is passed to the new flow invoked. This process allows modular design of flows where changes to specific parts of a large workflow can be managed locally within smaller modules.

Prerequisites to use voice flow

  • A published workflow without errors.


The call workflow screen allows you to call an existing workflow and node to a new workflow.

Following are the properties of call workflow screen:


Workflow Name

From the drop-down, select the workflow name that you want to call. If the workflow is not displayed in the drop-down, verify whether the flow is published.

Node Type

Select a node type available in the workflow.

Node Name

Select a node from the drop-down.


The name of the node is represented as a string. Enter a new name for the node or continue with the displayed name.


For information on session data, click here .


For information on custom logs, click here.


Exit Event


This output is triggered if the node is completed successfully.


This output is triggered if an error occurs.

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Flow: CallWorkflow

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